Christmas Giving

It’s time to kick off our 5th Annual Christmas Giving efforts. The Notre Dame Club of Omaha would like to help others in our community enjoy a truly blessed Christmas season. With the difficult economic conditions this year, I know our efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Last year, Club members donated gifts for families, affecting a total of 78 family members; it was our largest effort yet. Our goal is to ‘adopt’ as many families as possible, giving them gifts such as food certificates, clothing, or children’s toys. The families often have wish lists to help guide the gift givers. If you are not comfortable adopting an entire family, we can split families amongst our group.  In addition, last year we donated countless warm weather items for the Salvation Army’s Winter Night Watch program.  Cash donations are welcome as well (we will do the shopping for you). All donations will be anonymous. Gifts do not have to be large in scale to make a difference.

Before I commit to the number of families we will adopt, I need feedback from you! We must relay our interest to the involved organizations as soon as possible. Gift donations will be due in ahead of the Christmas holiday in order to allow time to deliver the packages to the families. If your family would prefer to deliver your gifts directly, that can be arranged in most cases.
Please contact me (email below) if you are interested in adopting a family, part of a family, or would like to give a cash donation. Email with any questions as well