Jessie Harper's influence on ND football

Jesse Harper

Thank you to everyone who attended UND Night last Wednesday, July 1st.  We had over 120 Alums and friends of Notre Dame.  ND Athletic Director, Jack Swarbrick gave an inspirational talk about the history of Notre Dame football, how ND football coach Jessie Harper really changed the course of ND athletics forever and included how 2009 marks the 100th year of Michigan whining.  At the end of his address he spent time answering questions about the University, the athletic program and ND current events.

We were very fortunate to have Mr. Swarbrick address the ND Club of Omaha.  Special thanks to Outgoing Chairman of the Club Board Dick Berry and Outgoing Club President Scott Cavey for their service to the Club and assistance with Mr. Swarbrick.  Also special thanks to Bob Mullin and Rich Gilloon for planning and coordinating UND Night.  Thanks again to all those who attended and look for more information at regarding the upcoming Freshman sendoff event on Sunday, August 9th and the Annual Golf Tournament on Monday, September 14th.  GO IRISH!

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